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Beauty Tips

Beauty Tips

It is a craze for most of the people in the eastern countries to make their face whiter and brighter. It is nothing wrong in that because the westernization of culture and enormous advertisements in the media has created a fake positive index in their mind that whiter people are beautiful. Gently speaking, everyone in this word is beautiful and is good with their outlook as they are created by God in His own image (The Holy Bible). The advertisements have placed a different role model in their memory where the models they place never suites for the culture or the color of the people in which the advertisements are broadcasted. 

Most end up their beauty in search of creams and fairness treatments and huge other spends a lot for their beauty. The continuity in the research for making whiter and brighter with enlighten fairness are in the hot nowadays. The marketing groups whose products are being sold out for this purpose make false assertions and provide fake models in the mind set of people who watches their advertisements. This is very worse at countries like India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Bangladesh and many other Asian and African countries. The result is a face that is with half modified beauty or a repaired and customized skin tone. 

The originality of the color and structure that is arrived from the parents and environmental effects are not accepted literally and they end up in an ill formed structure that doesn’t cope with the eastern or western nature. Quite a lot of other things are there for us to discuss but what makes sense is available indigenous in the nature and is never touched by us as we are so called ‘modernized’. The natural way of making one brighter does have sense as it will never ruin your skin color or tone; instead it makes you brighter and sweeter as a young chick with cheeks full of poof. 

Let’s see something that sense a lot for making us brighter and whiter.

Points to follow:

1.       Avoid sunlight hitting your face. Sunlight will cause your melanin pigment to get induced and you will become darker soon.

2.       Avoid using salt water for washing your face.

3.       Don’t walk on the beach for a long time. The salt content in the surface water vapor will meet the tiny pores in your face and soon you will become darker.

4.       Do wash your face at least between two hours regularly. The deposition of tiny dust particles can be avoided by washing.

5.       Don’t use bleach continuously; in the earlier stages you feel that you become brighter but on doing it regularly will make you darker as it erodes the soft skinny layer present in the face.

6.       Don’t rely on the facial creams, face pack, conditioners, face tonners etc. Dozens of them are in the market but will never impart any promising changes as you like. They are sold out because of their market value forced by advertisements. If you start using it, you can’t be original; they just whiten the tiny hairs of your face and not your skin.

7.       Make yourself available in a cool place and allow not to wet you face with sweat.

8.       Washing with hot water can give good results as it clears dust particles and salt depositions easily.

9.       Application of lemon clears the dust particles and microbes present in your skin. It has citric acid for clearing purpose.

10.   Regular application of potato changes eye rings and black spots. It contains phosphoric acid for doing this purpose.

11.   Application of papaya is a good solution for whitening your color. It has papain which cuts down melanin and there by degrades it.

12.   Milk application can show good results as it has pepsin and protease for melanin degradation.

13.   Application of aloe gel (natural) can cause good results but take much time to visualize.

14.   Application of green gram power will make your face shiner but regular application is more needed than casual usage.

15.   Application of Saffron stigma powder could make your face brighter, but it should not be over used.

16.   Application of honey can give good results in ladies as it whitens the tiny hairs present in the skin. Caution is given to gents that on using it will whiten your mustache and beard

17.   Ladies can apply turmeric power. It is a good anti microbial, facial and anti hair growing substance.

18.   Application of spices dipped castor oil will give good results but will make your face oily for some time.

19.   Above all your living place do have an effect, if it is tropical then you can’t be more whiter as you expose your skin to sunlight often; but temperate living people can be more whiter than tropical living people as they get limited sunlight exposure.

20.   Smoking and liquor can even affect your face color. So keep it away from your habits.