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Days have passed, where men and beasts lived harmoniously without disturbing each other habitats. It has become strange to see greenness of diversified nature. Diversities have gone in the recent past and become individuals for the selfish of mankind which limit its facilities for treating the same, but lest is the outcome and great is its loss as no one realized. More we disturbs the nature, it disturbs us. This is needed to be engraved in our hearts while changing against its resources.
God created this earth with all living and non-living things beautifully, harmoniously and successfully handover it to the first man Adam (Gen-1:28). We the descendents of his race has ruined it up to the best of our knowledge and getting the worst of what we can yield. Rapid advancement of science, technology, medicine and cultures have almost vanished the world rather than its development. The superstition of human beings over all the creatures has made him mad and jealous that abandon a curse of ruling the nature with no responsibility in the mind. The relentless depletion of air, water, soil and the whole universe for selfishness of mankind has created a threat that he may not live for a long time.
 In spite condemned by God and nature’s own repulsion, we continued exploiting the resources by depleting it faster for our lavishness. Man seems to be mentally valorous, drastically corrupting the nature in all his possible ways and deeds. In our day to day life, we would notice our turnouts against the nature to a large extend but our mind has become so hard to avoid it. Many of our practices which destroy the nature has entered our blood and become a part of our life activities.
Although it is a sparkled concern all over the world to conserve nature, we should think of our ways as a human being to adorn the nature with its originality. Governments and NGOs are spending so much of money in vain for creating awareness and enact laws which effect only in the books and exam papers. It all has failed to conserve the nature as it is an individual concern to safeguard and maintain the environment as our own descendants. God has given it in the man’s hand to rule but not to spoil (Gen-2:15). It is a direct gift of God to all of us rather than an ordinary platform for our life. We are trying to follow God’s words and deeds, but not considering His gift as a valuable treasure in this life. Let’s think of conserving our environment as we have a greater responsibility for its enhancement rather than its destruction. Being a human what is our impact on the nature, is it destructive or conservative? Green environment with fresh aeration is just a great gift that we are leaving for our future generation to live and enjoy this world.
What is our part on the nature and what we have done so far, for its conservation?


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