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Love Meter

Love Meter

Love is a wonderful feeling felt by all age groups; the young people are more particular about it and are studious to express their feelings to their partner. It is because of the eager that they have and the influence of media with a concoction of hormonal induction. They always wish to find them with their love partner and want to be closer than anyone in this world. So love binds them and ends up in marriage (Permanent Love) or in separation (Permanent enemies). Sometimes the love on a person may have some competition between a groups of guys or between two, they just want to capture the person before the other one does. It all happens in young age and on getting grown up they feel the real sense of what love is all about. The love on earth has many versions, it is different from one another, and every relationship has love with different categories and labels in it. Above all relations a love between a young guy and a girl is more precious to be pronounced because it builds a family on earth, the more studious they are the more easily they can be wrecked! Why? It is because they are just landed on the arena of love and yet a lot more things to experience. 

It would always be fascinating to calculate love between partners, and many do it with horoscope and astrological techniques. I have found much software in the internet with labels as "Love Meter"; will they predict your life and love partner as good as others. Which is the best one among them? Who can clearly state that your love is strong? Even when horoscope and astrology of the person's name and birth date are good they are getting separated. Why? Answer is very simple we don't see what we have to see but we think of what are not needed for our life. The love between partners is also valuable and great if it is governed by some values. The values are so simply but hard for us to follow, here the validity of your love depends on the extent of values you follow. Greater is the enrichment of satisfaction and honour of love on keeping these values in your lifestyle if you follow those legitimately. The honour comes only when you get married and before that it is just a disappointment for someone and a barrier for some other.  

I have seen many who start defining love and crack unusual poems on their love career but the result ends up in a great hook or in distress with heavy disappointment. The fact of the matter is they are highly impressed by the nature of the other but the values were ignored. Panteth that they have towards their lover cannot be quenched easily but are not real as it is just a culmination of some physical attitude and hormonal reflection. Many lost their lives, totally change themselves in all their behaviours and end up in a great mess; they usually feel hard to live on this earth. Some lost their lives by suicide and some other live as ever dying creatures. They feel on earth what it is all about but have tasted a wrong part of love; it harmed them despite being good. They die every day and live a small portion of life with wrecked heart and disturbed mind.
 I m a theist who believes in God, he who binds a family and mentors it; but god never allows separation of spouses. How come mankind understand this and find a true love between their partners, it is strange; our media and life style has taken us to a different arena where we can’t find real love but can only get a love like feeling which is more of sex and less of love. The real love on earth is dead and only god can enrich this kind of loves in our heart with all of his majesty. Many atheists may not agree with my statement, you can't purchase a true love even if technologies advance hundred times more than what we have nowadays.

The love meter (Other names: love calculator, love reading, love percentage, love test.,)  which I have designed is one which determines the extent of love between partners legitimately. It is done by means of a set of questions asked on their behaviour and habit. This would make them to think philosophically as well as psychologically so as to prepare their hearts for a legitimate love. The choice you choose determine the chances for you to succeed in your love. 

Let’s see.,

  • You have to read the Q&A completely and then only you can find the answer.
  • Take a paper and pen and evaluate yourself with these questions.
  •  Mark the answer as 1, 2, 3 and 4 specifically for each question. No two answers can be marked; you have to choose the best answer out of the given choices.
  • If you stop in the middle it seems that you are not prepared for marriage yet.
  •  A key is attached at the end for you to analyse yourself.
  •  Analyse and correct yourself guys.
Questions for evaluation:

I) How much time do you spend with each other?

1. Every day except eating and sleeping.
2. Most of the time.
3. Unusual, we spend time rarely, that too very few minutes.
4. We spend limited time with each other and we don’t waste our time unusually.

II) How much time do you spend on mobile and internet to speak with your partner?

1. Every day except eating and sleeping.
2. Most of the time.
3. We don’t speak on mobile.
4. We spend time for few minutes and we limit it for information sharing and decent talking’s.

III) What would you speak usually when you get met / called in mobile?

1. We usually speak of sex.
2. We speak of many things, we can’t judge what we talk but we keep on talking.
3. We don’t meet / speak on mobile, usually.
4. We speak on mobile to know each other health and family situations, we don’t speak much but we love to speak with each other.

IV) What is the central dogma for your love?

1. Sexual pleasure.
2. Money.
3. Family.
4. God’s Plan.

V) How many have recommended this person for you?

1. I don’t look into others, he/she has left many persons but I do love him/her.
2. Some of my friends have recommended him/her; I too like my partner very much.
3. My family members and friends have recommended me to him/her.
4. At first I love him/her so much, then some of my family members and friends do recommend us to marry.

VI) How do you behave when you both are alone?

1. We do sex when we are alone, that’s the pleasurable time for us.
2. We slowly move to romance on being close to each other, sometimes we cross the limit and at many times we limit ourselves to smooches and hugs.
3. We just speak politely with each other for a couple of minutes, we used not to be closer and sit opposite to each other.
4. We usually speak of goodness and pleasures in our life; we don’t cross our limit ever.

VII) What would you do when someone close to you meet you both surprisingly?

1. They don’t speak with me because they may think that he/she is my boy/girl friend.
2. I rarely introduce him/her to others.
3. I introduce him/her because we were arranged to get marry soon.
4. I introduce him/her as my own would be.

VIII) How would you feel if you hear that he/she is cheating you?

1. It’s common to cheat people elsewhere; I will leave him/her if fooled me.
2. I will feel hurt, but will try to neglect him/her.
3. I will never believe it; I shall not keep it in mind and let elders of the family decide what to do.
4. I will not keep it in mind; I will ask him/her politely and make him/her to realize his/her fault.

IX) What would you do if you find your partner sitting close to some other and speaking joyfully?

1. I will get hurt; and this will end up in quarrel.
2. I feel sad for seeing this but will tell him/her not to do like this hereafter.
3. I don’t think it is bad, I believe in him/her.
4. I don’t think it is wrong; anyhow I will tell him/her not to behave like this, in a soft manner.

X) What you believe that made you both get united?

1. It’s a time pass, we accidently met each other.
2. It is we who mentor this love, made us get united.
3. It’s our parents and relatives who took care to unite us.
4. It’s because of the grace of God we get united.

XI) What you like the most in him/her?

1. Beauty and sexual talent.
2. Richness and talent.
3. Social goodness and behavior.
4. Character and God fearing attitude.

XII) What would you do if he/she is angry on you?

1. I too will get angry, why I have to be submissive.
2. I will try to console him/her, but many times it ends up in a mess.
3. I will ask the help of the family members and with them we will rejoin.
4. I will ask the reason and if it’s my mistake I will try to change it or else I will try to educate him/her.

XIII) What would you do if you are angry on him/her?

1. I will behave cruelly; I will slap him/her.
2. I can’t control my anger, usually I will scold him/her badly.
3. I won’t speak with him/her.
4. I will not speak immediately but will try to show my anger politely to my partner and will explain the reason why I m angry on him/her.

XIV) What you have achieved after getting into a fellowship with him/her?

1. More worry and more loss.
2. I have lost my time and I’m slowly becoming anxious.
3. I have obtained a confidence in life and I feel like someone with me at all the times.
4. I have changed a lot positively; my earning capacity and my knowledge gets increased after getting into this relationship for which he/she is also a reason.

XV) What would you do if your parents are not interested in your marriage?

1. I don’t consult with my parents if I think so.
2. We will elope and leave our parents for our life.
3. No way, we have to get separated because they only have arranged us.
4. We will try to make our parents understand our extent of love; we will wait for each other at any cost. We feel God will unite us.

XVI) What would you do if you find him/her using you for a hobby?

1. I too use him/her for a hobby; what’s wrong in that.
2. I will get hurt and will slap him/her.
3. No way, it is an arranged relationship
4. My partner will never do like that, I believe in him/her.

XVII) What you expect from him/her from your inner heart?

1. Sexual pleasure.
2. Money and marriage life.
3. A lovable partner with all happiness.
4. To build a family in this earth for glory to ourselves, to others and to God’s name.

XVIII) What you do when he/she dis-agrees you?

1. I will make her to obey me in any cause.
2. I will try to make her obey me, if not situation will become worse and we both get disappointment.
3. I have to adjust for my family and many times I get hurt in my inner heart.
4. I will speak to him/her politely that how he/she has to behave with me also I will console him/her to my best level. If she longs for something and if she has some reason for that then I will obey him/her too.

XIX) What will you do if she compels for something that is undesirable for you?

1. I never accept it.
2. I will try to change him/her, and usually I succeed.
3. We will never come onto an argument but I will make him/her to accept that I don’t wish this.
4. I will teach him/her that it is not good; if it’s really valuable I will also try to change myself to him/her attitude.

XX) When you have planned to marry her?

1. Not decided yet.
2. Will marry after loving for a couple of years.
3. Our marriage was already decided.
4. We will get into marriage soon; we will not wait for a long time.

Key to determine your love:
  • If your answer is “1”, then your love won’t continue for a long time, you will either quit or will end up in divorce even if you get marry. 
  • If your answer is “2”, then you have to take care of your love a lot, you have crossed the limit at most of your instances. If you are not caring about your love and life, you have the chances of getting separated. Either you will separate or he/she will find other partner who is good enough than you.
  • If your answer is “3”, then your relationship is strongly built up with the help of your families, but you have to take care on your partner more than your family. Try to spend more time for your partner rather than your family.
  • If your answer is “4”, then you are moving in a right direction but you have to check your level every now and then. You have the possibility of getting into a trouble at all the instances because you lack your family support to a large extent. If possible keep move with the help of your family members too, this will help you getting success soon. God bless you.
  • If you get more answers on “1” and “2” and less on “3” and “4” then you are moving in a wrong direction.
  • If you get more answers on “3” and “4” and less on “1” and “2” then you are in a critical position, you may lose your life indefinitely. Kindly take care to mentor your love.
  • My deepest condolences to “1”and “2”, they will get into a mess soon.
  • My best wishes for a happy married life to “3” and “4”, May god bless your life and let your love life extend till the end of your life.


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  2. Thank you dear for this blog post., we love your writings.

  3. It's funny how an orthodox Christian "Love Meter" blog-post through these simply Qs indirectly imparts so much more meaning than most books on Love & Relationships.

    I understand now, the more practical benefits of being strictly religious.
    Yes, the argument against it does stand: It isn't modern. It still lags behind in its acceptance of modern cultural norms and freedom of thought.
    But, we will have failed as a modern society, if we cannot draw from the truly brilliant virtues it teaches us.
    Whether it is with regard to Marital-bliss or just a healthy Relationship, whether it is about social happiness or simply career success, it lays down an excellent foundation, and well, it just Works!

    This is me, Anonymously, sincerely thanking the Writer. You may have helped me a lot more through this mere "Love Meter" post than I think you would imagine.

    This was truly a God's gift,
    Thank You,
    Anonymous Teenager pondering on the meaning of Love & the need for a relationship.

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