Cam4 - Just think

"Cam-4-one-self" means a personal cam that shoots all our activities is just needed for us to think at this moment.
Cam4 - Just think

Cam4 - Just think

 How many times have we looked back into our life that, what was happened in our past? Are we ever worried of the mistakes that we used to do in all instances? Have we ever cried for our situation and longed to change ourselves? Have we ever sat down to think of what has happened in the whole day at our nights? Is there an instance we appalled for our lies we tell usually? Why! Why this has not happened in our lives, it’s usual we forget those things; most of us don't want to see the past and wander in search of new thrills. We think that life on earth is a period to live happily and to enjoy at our most possible level. Pleasure on earth has masked our eyes; in turn we are desperately not willing to assess ourselves at most of the times. 
Every successful company has its own assessment at the end of the year, month, week and some places at each day. Why? it is to develop the company at its most possible level so as to get maximum earnings. A man made company and his vision is given a highest position to assess all its deeds but why the hell human beings are not assessing themselves. 

 This damn question created a self awareness in me and on analyzing myself I found a bulk of mistakes everyday I do but this has not just arrived on a day but has traveled quite a lot of days in my lifetime as I have not assessed myself and quit it on its entry. If I could not have assessed myself in the middle I could have end up myself as an unhappy person at last, as my deeds would not have been appreciable. Every man on his death bed feels and realizes the mistakes and many are studious to ask forgiveness to people and God at their last moments of the life; why not a man on his daily life assess himself and predict his mistakes. It is ridiculous for many to spend time on these habits, they may think of wasting their time but it is good, if they put on time and record it in black and white.

On advancement of technologies in the world many of us have lost time to write letters, we don't have time to use our pen and paper, everything finishes in "e" were we send electronic symbols and record our anguish in a moment with tonnes of unworthy shares. The concept of sharing has many worthy values, it provides fast spreading of valuable information but has minimized our mind that not to record our originality in the text as well as ideas. We steal others knowledge and share others writings. When have we written a letter with our hand; last time? What is the need we can pronounce? Putting on matters in black and white has values; we forget it and lost our habit of assessing our own. We think our 'fb' and twitter as a diary and keep on sharing, commenting and tweeting. What’s the use of it, can anyone think of your past and get any valuable life time records form the timeline. Is it possible for you to think it as better as a hand written diary? No, never you cannot match it. It’s all our fate the advancement has made us to forget many great characters from our ancestors. 

Is there a possibility for us to think of seeing back. Please, please do it. We shall see a list of benefits we have on doing it.

Benefits of looking back into our life:

1. We shall see the wrong habits we have and can also find a solution to stop it.
2. We shall see the good habits we have so as to induce it for flourishing.
3. We shall decide our future by looking into our past; it would be great and predictable only on doing it.
4. We shall get confidence because of our great attitudes and success; even they may be small to you on doing it but on reviewing, it would appear great as if it is as big as a mountain.
5. We shall recollect our promises that we made to others; these are very important as it governs our prestige.
6. We shall see our angry and cowardliness, this would help you to be a better person.
7. We shall get some hurts form the past, we feel shy of what we have done on our past but it would help you not to do like that thereafter.
8. We shall copy some good characters from the past, those may be with you some time long ago; if you could have changed your nature now - you could alarm yourself to be as before. Forget not your past goodness.
9. We shall get our happiest moments as well as worst moments; all these would teach us a lot. 
10. Our past friends and enemies will come in front of our eyes on thinking back, it would build our friendship stronger and to be careful on someone who is cruel to you.
11. Knowledge changes when time goes on. We shall get knowledge and clarity of thought from our past happenings. We shall be proud of ourselves being wise in the past. 
12. Love always plays a great role in our life, someone or other might have loved us so much that would have been moved out of our eyes in course of time; this would be recollected from  seeing our past. Many forget these past and cruel to whom they have been loved by.
13. Familial relationships could be recalled and many are ridiculous on looking at it now but will build your relationship strongly.
14. Every past movements has answers, every past activities has validity it is useful even now though it seems old it has the great power to transform your heart.
15. I believe that god even has looked into his creations on creating it. It is given in the Holy Bible (Genesis :1) that God looked back on his majesty of creating organisms after creating it. 

How about us? Do we need a cam 4 shooting our daily activities, its pleasurable enjoyable but has the drastic effect of transforming your life. Look back to your life guys, think well, review what you have done on your lifetime and set your present on the right track.

I wish you all the best for your life.