Top 12 harmful effects of smoking

Avoid cigarettes
Avoid cigarettes

Smoking being an injurious habit is addictive and spoilage to the smokers and to their family. Research studies instincts that passive smoking is more dangerous than active smoking. Many in the world die due to cancer and heart attack; smoking stands one of the major reasons for both these diseases. As it is already known to us, smokers should give up this habit of themselves otherwise the relief is a big question mark which creates further problems. There are so many lovable instances in our life but this noxious habit will makes us not to enjoy pleasures. Smokers usually start doing it for fashion and many others are for fantasy, but will struggle to give up even if they like not to smoke, as it addicts.
Here are some harmful reasons why cigar should be stopped by you. You may have already known about this but will make you think off for sure. I hope you should take a strong decision so as to avoid this notorious habit that spoils your life and others. A modified proverb on smoking habit clearly explains the condition of the smokers: “A cigar a day will make you to be in the hospital everyday”.
Smoking causes cough
Smoking causes cough

1.       Smoking causes tooth decay, wheezing, bronchitis and other respiratory problems in beginners whereas bad breath, mouth cancer, throat cancer, oesophageal cancer, lung cancer, heart diseases and emphysema (COPD) etc., in adult smokers.

2.       Smoking decreases your lifetime on earth, you will die in a half way usually with much pain due to a serious illness unless an accident happens.

Mouth cancer caused by smoking
3.       Smoking causes infertility in both males and females. It reduces sperm count in males and obstructs menstrual cycle in females. It also creates risk in menopause for mature females and adult smokers.

4.       Smoking spoils the blood circulation as it intrudes “nicotine” a harmful substance in the blood stream.

5.       Smoking during pregnancy for women is more harmful as it affects the brain development of the baby and will cause sudden premature death of the foetus or infant many times. In early stages of pregnancy it will cause spontaneous abortion.

Cigar causes less motility of your sperms
Cigar causes less motility of your sperms
6.       Smoking makes your blood not to reach the brain on time, also carbon monoxide present in the puffs will retard the oxygen binding activity of your blood; this causes stress in your brain and strain in your heart. On set of stroke and myocardial infarction could happen at any time in your life time.

7.       Smoking causes dysfunction of bristles and hairs present in the nostrils and in the paths of the lungs. This is too harmful that the entry of dust, microbes and other particulate matters will not be controlled for a period of time after a smoke.

8.       Smoking also creates nervousness and minimises your energy in doing a work. It makes you to proceed with less knowledge and thus hinders the IQ.

9.       Smoking spoils your decency, it makes others to think low on you and you are just spoiling your image in front of them.

Brain damage due to smoking10.   Smoking increases your sorrow, a smoke can never be a solution to your problems; in fact it increases as its worse effects cause additive problems to the life and puts us in a great risk altogether.

11.   Above all smoking addicts a person, relief from this habit is very difficult as it cannot be controlled easily. Thirst for smoking and longing to smoke will create a stress in your heart and there by distracts your attitude.

12.   Last but not the least, there are somebody who love you so much; it may be your mom, dad, bro and sis, spouse, children, friends and relatives etc., you leave a negative impression in their hearts and spoil their aspirations on you. You cannot satisfy them or can give a reply to their love as you will die with a naughty habit which spoils your life and threats the others. You stand as a negative example to them and at last you will lose their love and care or else will put them on risk.


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