Sex addiction: Points to check yourself

Are you addicted to sex? Check yourself with the details given below.

Sex addiction
Sex Addiction
While I am writing this article I think of the cruelty that media has done to the mankind. For money matter they have sold us for pornography; many channels nowadays are broadcasting semi nude advertisements and program so as to attract the audience. But the fact of the matter is, we are getting corrupted day by day without knowing its seriousness and one day it will come to rule us. The advent of technologies and civilization has brought so many changes in the lifestyle of the people, but the values cannot be denied from its position. Many of us have lost our ethical sense that warns us that no to do. Many do not have consciousness that protects them; it was removed due to the bills paid by the media for showing nudity. What is needed for us to just educate with what is correct and ethical; you just have to check yourself continuously. Here are the questions for you to check your sex addiction level. Have a happy time guys....

Kindly take a paper and pencil and mark you answers as in the numerical given below (eg., Masturbation - 1; Extra marital affairs – 2)


1.       Compulsive masturbation.

2.       Regular Masturbation.

3.       Occasional Masturbation.

4.       No Masturbation.

Extra marital affairs:

1.       I have many real sex partners.

2.       I maintain virtual sex partners alone. (Online and mobile)

3.       I maintain only one extra marital affair.

4.       I don’t have any extra marital affairs.

Sexual Intercourse:

1.       I can’t live without sex. Wherever I go I need sex; I don’t see relationships there, just the pleasure matters a lot.

2.       I need it without fail. I look up for sexual partners all the places wherever I go. But sometimes I control myself too because I respect some relationships.

3.       I used to do sex without fail but if there is no change I do bear it. Now I m trying for new opportunities to develop my passion.

4.       I need it of course but I limit it within my spouse. I control myself and I maintain a clear hand with others.


1.       I used to go with prostitutes very often.

2.       I have gone one or two times in my life.

3.       I am trying one for a night strand.

4.       I control myself that not to go with a prostitute.

Gang Sex:

1.       I enjoy gang sex and we enjoy countless.

2.       Me and my wife enjoy with other couples (friends).

3.       I have enjoyed once or trying for a chance.

4.       I don’t like these types of sex.


1.       I am an addict to pornography; I can’t avoid it, and it has become a part of my life.

2.       I used to see pornography very often.

3.       I used to see pornography sometimes.

4.       I don’t see pornography.

Unsafe sex:

1.       I don’t see safety while I m in the urge of doing sex. What I need is sex and sex alone.

2.       I do look for safety sex but I don’t care sometimes, it depends on the partner I get for sex; more beauty mesmerizes me.

3.       I always used to be safe but sometimes I miss because I lose my self control.

4.       I used to be safe always. I have only one partner who is designed for me alone.

Fetish behaviors:

1.       I have enjoyed many types of sex that are there in the world. Only death can stop my fantasy.

2.       I am trying more types of sex but I can’t stop it now. New methodologies are needed every day.

3.       I do have fetish behaviour but I don’t know much, I m not addicted but approached many and got succeeded in few attempts.

4.       I have fetish behaviours but I limit it within my wife and her acceptable range. I don’t like tortures and filthy practices. I want to be good in all what I do.

Phone/ Cyber sex:

1.       I have so many online friends to do sex virtually. I used to induce them for doing sex with me; it is a portal for me to get sexual friends.

2.       I have some friends and I used to speak and chat at my free hours. I spend time in chatting with opposite sex nick names.

3.       I have some mobile and chatting friends but I don’t chat with them as I afraid. Sometimes they call me too.

4.       I don’t allow these people to corrupt me. I don’t even send adult messages to anyone.


1.       I have many homosexual partners, they love me a lot. I spend much time with them.

2.       I do have homosexual partners but I don’t have time to spend, but we meet very often.

3.       I have only one homosexual partner, we enjoy whenever we are alone.

4.       I don’t allow these types of relationships.


1.     I have a habit of spying others sexual plays, I used to practise it in my life too.

2.     I used to see when opportunities knock; it is a good source of getting ideologies.

3.     I have peeped for sometimes but I afraid I might get caught.

4.     I don’t like to do that, I respect others privacy.

Bondage Sex:

1.       I m a continuous practitioner of BDSM sex; I used to record me, torturing others.

2.       I like bondage sex, I m continuously seeing BDSM pornographies I have enjoyed it for some time too.

3.       I like BDSM movies, I m waiting for the opportunities to enjoy it.

4.       I don’t like to torture others. I respect my spouse as my own flesh.


1.       I used to date with many partners; I have given personal ads of myself online to get more contacts. I can’t live without sex talks.

2.       I have many partners in online dating and some in real. I enjoy dating.

3.       I do date with many people but I afraid to proceed further.

4.       I’m loyal to my spouse; I don’t need another for dating.

Sexual harassment:

1.       I use sex as a tool for my success. I blackmail many clients to get what I want; I have spoiled the life of many people through sex harassment

2.       I do indulge in sexual harassment; not many cases are successful but some are real opportunities for me to get success. I m an addict to sex.

3.       I have taken some photographs of my enemies and friends to blackmail. I m waiting for the chance but I afraid too.

4.       I never do sexual harassment.


1.       I have molested many people. I m an addict to rape; I can’t control my desires, If I like someone I need them for sex.

2.       I have raped some people and like the screaming voice form the others due to their pain but I afraid of doing it.

3.       I like raping others, but I have not yet obtained a chance.

4.       I don’t like raping; I respect others and their sexuality.

Key to determine yourself:

(1)    If you get “1” as your answer for at least two questions then you are an addict to sex. You either be a psycho or will become a psycho because of sex soon.

(2)    If you get more “2” as your answer then you are on the half way to become psycho also you are an addict to sex.

(3)      If you get more “3” as your answer then you will become a sex addict soon. You have to move out of sex at least for sometime; kindly avoid your sexual habits.

(4)    If you have “4” as the answer for all the questions then you are normal and ethically good. We congratulate you for your success over sex. Much goodness is there for you in your life.

(5)    20% > “1” and 60% > “2” are psychos; 60% > “3” are more prolonged to become a sex addict.

(6)     More points on “1,2,3” and no points on “4” proves that you are an addict to sex and some of you are real psycho to get treatment immediately.

(7)    More points on “4” with some points on “3&2” shows that you are slowly spoiling yourself and the day to become a sex addict is not so far.


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