20 ways to earn money online

As the world advances, we are in damn need of money excessively. The pleasures in our life are sometimes dependent on the amount of money we earn even though it is not a matter to be considered with utmost importance. There are many ways to earn online, but many are hogwash in its aspect and huge others are 'scammers' who provide fake details for getting your money for their profit. The reliable content for earning online is very scant but it is real that you can earn quite a lot of amount in the internet with technologies known to pursue. The quality that we impart and work we do are directly proportional to the amount we earn at any business both online and offline. 

20 ways to earn money online
20 ways to earn money online
The reason behind writing this blog is that many are searching for instant earning solutions and spoiling their money which they keep for themselves and their livelihood. There are many scammers and spammers who try to provide details as if they are genuine but they ask for purchasing a product with your own pocket money, which on accomplishment will lead to the finishing of their work, may be they have promised the buyer to give continued success but will end up in a humbug that leads to the loss of your money and time. Here are some genuine ways for you to practice and win in your life online. May be these are very hard to get succeeded but don’t faint when get failed at first, try your best I’m sure you will one day become a millionaire. May be the doors are wide open on your side to get the treasure in an easy way; who knows you can win as soon as I could. 

1.       Content writing (Try, freelancer.com)

2.       Sell your old books and scraps (Try, amazon.com, ebay.com)

3.       Be an affiliate (Try, clickbank.com)

4.       Build your own tool bar (Try, conduit.com)

5.       Design online ads and sell it (Try, adwords.google.com)

6.       Maintain a blog (Try, Blogger.com; wordpress.com)

7.       Sell your own photographs (Try, istockphotos.com)

8.       Do others homework (Try, freelancer.com)

9.       Teach what you know in online colleges (Try, freelancer.com)

10.   Write reviews and blogs (Try, freelancer.com)

11.   Start selling your items online (Try, amazon.com, ebay.com)

12.   Join an eforex campaign (Try, iforex.com)

13.   Pay per post on blogs (Try, freelancer.com)

14.   Create and sell websites with good page rank (Try, flippa.com)

15.   Make marketing online for e-stores and websites by building huge friends. (Try, freelancer.com)

16.   Do physical business on online products (Try, selling CDs and electronic goods)

17.   Make high quality video with attractive content and place ads on it (Try, youtube.com)

18.   Be an consultant online (Try, have your own website)

19.   Selling domains (Try, flippa.com; godaddy.com)

20.   Do free lance jobs (Try, freelancer.com)


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