15 ways to have better sexual relationship with your spouse

15 ways for a better sexual life
15 ways for a better sexual life
Sexual dis-satisfaction and cruelty being the major cause of divorce nowadays is found to heart breaking when just think it off. A true time oath taken on a marriage day just gets broken because of sex in many couples. In some others sex binds them more and more, it has become a central role for all what they do unitedly. Though it is not a matter to be praised but sex between spouses is holy to be considered. It binds, unites, increases love, affection, care, longing etc., between two persons on the earth. I hope the following 15 ways will help you having a wonderful time with your spouses. May be it is not enough but adequate. Last but not the least, every couple will get satisfaction in different angles; you have to invent your own methodology and comforting by practice, it will give you a fully functional sexual time and extended love.

1.       Don’t drink liquors, it will cause nervousness; may be it seems to be good in the initial time but will spoil your sexual life.

2.       Don’t smoke, avoid tobacco.

3.       Don’t watch porn movies, it will create a wrong image on your heart with many fantasies.

4.       Don’t be so cruel in handling your spouse.

5.       Don’t be too fast in your sexual intercourse.

6.       Have a long foreplay before sex.

7.       Speak of sex to your spouse openly.

8.       Love him/her more than any other and express it to them. Let them feel your comfort.

9.       Don’t think that sex is bad; between husband and wife there is no boundaries or barriers.

10.   Enjoy yourself and your spouse. Be open to your spouse and try to rectify all your problems.

11.   Don’t start speaking problems of your life in the bedroom.

12.   Don’t think of your previous love/partners.

13.   Do what your spouse wants; this will strengthen your love.

14.   Try to control your ejaculation so that your spouse will feel good for a long time.

15.   Make your sexual desires within your spouse alone; don’t try to break your marriage boundary.