10 ways for a better life.

There are numerous ways for us to live a better life than many others in the world. May be you can’t reach some other’s position but can obtain a unique status that others cannot sustain. Some think that life is too hard and it needs hardship and tough practise to lead an elite life, but rather it is simple and less complicated. Solutions for great problems are in the hands of meager ones which we don’t give importance very often. Some look for materialistic possessions to make them happy but it never ever lasts though it can scantly satisfy your desire. Here are a list of 10 ways by which you can somehow manage to get a better life, but it could be obtained completely only by the grace of god (up to me). You can make your own innovations on your habits, characters and surroundings so as to obtain a fruitful life. We bless you all who read this to obtain a better life than what you possess at present.
Dont Worry Be Happy
Don't Worry Be Happy

 1.       Avoid Anger

2.       Maintain self discipline

3.       Think positively

4.       Work differently with interest

5.       Accept Your Mistakes

6.       Help others

7.       Revise yourself every now and then

8.       Learn to forgive and forget

9.       Respect nature and other people

10.   Meditate the Word of God daily.


  1. 11. be religious and righteous

  2. 12. And the most important : Don't read this kind of blog...

  3. Really awesome


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